If I were to write a letter to the universe, this is what it would say...

Dear Universe,

From life, I want the following:

  • Visit all of the worlds most beautiful beaches.
  • Never get a wrinkle.
  • Run my own business.
  • Have endless supplies of fresh green juice. (Ditto for champagne).
  • World peace.
  • Spend every spare minute either (a) meditating, (b) doing yoga, or (c) laughing my ass off with my friends.
  • At least one party à la Great Gatsby (though I won’t complain about more).

Is that so much to ask?



At BeauTeaBar, we’re pretty much over the idea that life is about “sacrifice”

That’s so last millennium. Lame!

We want to savor pricey cocktails in a trendy club and sip organic green juice before a morning yoga session.

We want to change the world and have a Balenciaga purse. (Or four).

We want to suck the sweet nectar out of life and be fabulously healthy and sexy ladies who manage not to gain weight as we age.

(Then, once we’re 90, we’ll let all hell break loose. Because honestly? We’re not sure why 90 year-olds obey the law. At that point it’s time to celebrate!)

If you want those things from life, too (especially the law-breaking 90-year-old part), we couldn’t be more excited that you found us!


Here’s what you need to know about BeauTeaBar (get out your feather pen and take note, darling!):

  • Our beauty blog? It’s like nothing you’ve ever read before, sistafriend. Getting that sucker delivered to your inbox is guaranteed to make you more giddy about life. It’s also required reading. Apply generously.
  • The big deal around here is TOXIN FREE BEAUTY. Don’t forget it. In fact, we recommend getting those words tattooed on your lower back. (Just kidding about that last part. That’s not really what we’re about. And we’re not liable for anyone’s bad, drunken mistakes but our own.).
  • We work ridiculously hard to find the most amazing beauty products in the whole wide world and then offer them to you with some steaming hot organic tea. You won’t find a collection of products like this anywhere else (especially not a department store!).
  • The best part? We don’t want you spending your hard-earned cash on products that you haven’t tested yet in your own daily life! That’s not our only objective, though. We also want to spoil you rotten (because getting spoiled is so underrated). That’s why we hired hundreds of elves to put together some adorable little sample jars with the products that YOU want to try. Simply leave us a note at checkout of some of the products you were crushing on but didn’t want to commit to purchasing just yet. We’ll send them to you (provided they’re in stock). Who loves you?

Want to know more secrets about BeauTeaBar?

Hi beautiful! I’m Marissa Waller, the creator of BeauTeaBar.

When I was a kid, I memorized the backs of my shampoo bottles. Religiously.

And now I’ve turned my obsession with top-notch, toxic-free, life-oozing products into a business that helps beautiful women like you live forever fabulous.

Want to know more about me?

I’m the oldest of 9 kids. Yes, you read that right.

I’m a reformed lawyer who has decided to use my powers for good. This combination of “hard-ass” and “softie-spiritualist” is a major trend in my life (and the law background helps me be uber tough on icky cosmetic products. You’re welcome!)

Since college, I’ve been infatuated with health and wellness (and even posed as an acupuncture model for Our Bodies Ourselves).

I love yoga...and boxing.

In 2010 I raised $26,000 to help orphans and those dying of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. And then I traveled there with a yoga activism group! Best trip of my life.

To sum it up: I’m adamant about the fact that you can be spiritual, rich, healthy, philanthropic, loving, and fabulous all at once. That’s right, you can actually have it ALL.